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Committee and Fundraising

The committee is vital to the smooth running of a Pre-School; Winsley Acorns depends very much on the goodwill and involvement of parents. Without the committee, Acorns would not be able to operate and would have to close. We hold termly meetings and an Annual General Meeting in September when new committee members are elected.

The Committee can consist of no more than 12 elected members, but sub-committees may be formed so tasks may be shared among parents and all the work need not fall on any one person. There are three main roles required on the Committee, the Chair, the Treasurer and the Secretary. These posts have a more defined role, some details of which are set out below together with some of the duties shared amongst Committee members:

Chair – Sophie Stanford-Tuck
Secretary – Gemma Tanner
Treasurer – Emma Maisey
Fundraisers – Sula Lauder, Harry McIlwraith and Milla Reid

Why you might join the committee?
If you are interested in learning new skills, would like to meet new people and or would like to share your skills, time and ideas with others, then joining the committee may be right up your street!
We are a registered charity run by an elected Committee of volunteers, mostly made up of parents of children attending the Pre-School.

It's not a huge commitment and you can volunteer for whatever role interests you most. Not only is being part of the committee a truly valuable role, it is also hugely rewarding and great fun. It will also give you the opportunity to become more practically and actively involved in your child's early years' education. The important thing is, you don’t need any direct experience to make a difference.


What's involved?
Committee members are the charity trustees of the pre-school and together they are responsible for the overall management and smooth-running of Acorns. The Committee work in tandem with the Pre-School staff to ensure the smooth running of the Pre-School.
We hold termly meetings to plan fundraising events, check the budget remains on track and ensure that the needs of all children and staff are being met. It’s a great way to get to know the staff better and to meet other parents over a cup of tea!! (or an occasional glass of wine!)

What are the committee roles?
The chair represents and acts as a spokesperson for the pre-school. They chair all committee meetings and general meetings, including the Annual General Meeting (AGM); assisting the secretary with setting the agenda for these meetings. The chair also co- ordinates the work of the committee to ensure effective administration, line manages the Pre-school Leader, supports other committee members and authorises the work of the Treasurer.

The secretary supports the chair by ensuring the effective administration of the Committee, taking minutes at all Committee meetings, including AGM and distributes accordingly. They support the administrator in the promotion of Acorns, helping to advertise fundraising events and ensures the website is regularly updated.


Prepares or assists in preparing in advance an annual budget for the Pre-School and monitors it regularly. Monitors the Pre-School’s bank accounts, opens new accounts if required and changes signatories when required. Signs cheques jointly with the Administrator or other nominated Committee members. Keeps accounts of all income and expenditure and keeps the Committee aware of the financial position of the Pre-School by providing a statement of the finances at every meeting. Arranges to have the accounts audited and presents them at the AGM. Arranges for accounts to be filed and records updated at the Charities Commission.

Our fundraisers do an amazing job co-ordinating fundraising and social events each term. This is a fun and rewarding role that directly benefits your children as all funds raised are spent on toys and equipment for Acorns. Publicity, applying for licenses, gift gathering and delegating roles in order to run a successful and profitable event are some of the things you will have chance to be involved in.

Non elected members:
If you want to be part of the fundraising events and other Pre-school functions without being committed to a post, please put your name forward for you to be called upon by one of the committee members.

If you would like any more information about what's involved or would like to volunteer for the Committee in any role, no matter how large or small, please speak with one of the committee or contact us at Acorns. We very much look forward to welcoming all new volunteers.

Anyone is welcome to join our next committee meeting (Tuesday 17th June, 8pm, Acorns building) to find out what it’s all about.
Please could you let us know in advance if you would like to come.


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