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This term we have been enjoying lots of festive activities. The children had a visit from Santa at their Christmas party and we have visited our local church. We visited Winsley School to find out that Santa had crashed into a tree and the police had to come and investigate. Luckily everything was ok and Santa just needed some more practice on his sleigh. We have been learning Christmas Carols and making tree decorations as well as decorating our own tree. The children have all had an opportunity to open the advent calendar on the ipad.

Our homemade drums and sticks were used to make rain sounds at Circle Time.

We used new small plastic pipettes and paint to move around the paper, and then mashed blackberries, seived them, and used the juice in a similar way with the pipettes.

We made umbrella and boots designs, making our own display, using different papers to make the rain.

We decorated biscuits to make them look like rainbows

cover.jpgSome of the children had an opportunity to go and see the new arrivals at the school today. The children enjoyed seeing the chicks and having a chance to hold them.

Cover.jpgThe children have been enjoying the new role play area which is now a baby clinic. We will be looking at our families and celebrating the similarities and differences that make up a family. The children have also had a visit from a nurse practitioner who talked to the children about their role at the doctors surgery and hospitals.

toolshed.2The children have decided they would like the play house to become a tool shed! We have added some resources to transform the empty play house into a tool shed. The children have a range of tools to use. We have included writing materials to encourage the children to mark make. The children will also develop their mathematic skills by using rulers to measure and figure out how to fit things together.

PizzamakingDuring week 3 we thought about how we can look after ourselves. As we sang the song at circle time ‘this is the way we…. On a cold and frosty morning’ many of the children came up with ideas such as put our coat on, brush our teeth, eat our breakfast! We organised foods into groups of what we thought was healthy or unhealthy, although we agreed it was to have a small piece of chocolate or cake.

We loved making pizzas and choose our own ingredients from ham, pepper, watercress, sweetcorn, pineapple and cheese. We also had a tasting session of lemon curd, chocolate sauce and golden syrup.

Finally we were very grateful to the school for letting us see their baby chicks.

RemotecontrolcarsAlthough very cold most days the sun has shone and enabled the children to get outside into the park and use the climbing equipment to balance, climb confidently and practice running even faster!  Our entrance area has been decorated with a variety of 2D shapes and numbers using coloured chalks.  Acorns ‘Dark Den’ was welcomed as an area to explore the sensory flashing toys.  Four ‘remote cars’ enabled the children to take turns to operate buttons to go forward, backwards and turning around.  'Sport Relief' on Friday enabled us to move to music, run races outside in the school field and we designed our own mini certificates.  We shared the story of the Gingerbread Man and created our own gingerbread people.  All in all …. a very busy and stimulating week. 

WoodworkWelcome back to a brand new term at Acorns and a big welcome to our new starters.  This week the children have explored our fairytale castle role play area and outdoor builder's shed.
We have explored wood as a construction material, with some children making their own mini wooden houses.  We have investigated 2D and 3D construction.  We have also planted some seeds in our garden.

Remotecontrol4x4We would just like to say a huge thank you to the Seven Stars pub who have donated their profits made at the quiz to Acorns.


The children have benefited so much from this!! We have purchased remote contril 4x4 which helps the children develop their understanding if technology, hand and eye co ordination, space and awareness as well as being lots of fun.




We have also purchased a lunch box trolley which is making everyones life easier.



BuildersatacornsThis week we have continued to explore the fairytale castle and builder's shed. We have made magical bracelets and had a go at making up our very own fairy stories.  We have explored early mathematics by using our weighing scales to investigate the weight of different objects.  On Thursday a small group of children went to the library van to choose some new stories to share at Acorns.
Our castle now has a Giant climbing down the big Beanstalk,made by the children,  with Jack and his mother in their house. They are also growing mini beanstalks.

We have planted Giant sunflowers and tomatoes to take home so let us know how they grow. Outside, we have planted mange toute, spinach, broccoli, spring onions and carrots in our vegetable bed and chives, fennel and parsley in our herb bed. The wild flowers are starting to grow too. We have looked at different types of beans and seeds.

We have used Beebot on a Jack and the Beanstalk board to look at position words and control Beebot following instructions.
The children are growing fast and we are measuring for height using footprints, aswell as retelling the Jack and the Beanstalk story and looking at different versions.


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