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Fun in all weathers

outdoorfunA mixed week of weather and varying temperatures has not distracted us from enjoying the outdoor and indoor spaces.  Using wax crayons to rub textures through paper allowed the children to feel and talk about the different shapes and patterns they could find outside in the garden.  Our sharing story ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’ has been retold with the children acting out the parts of the animals and the older people.  Painting shapes to create patterns has encouraged the children to talk about triangles, squares, circles and hexagons.  Bird seed cakes have been made with seeds and oats to encourage the children to hang in the garden to ensure there is enough food during these cold spells.  Two separate groups of children have walked to Hartley Farm looking for shapes and tasting baby chinos in the café.  Listening to the 2 Cellos playing ‘Benedictus’ has enabled the children to lie down and relax during our quiet time before lunch.

Children in Need 2017

ChildreninNeed2017We have had great fun this week thinking about Children in Need and raising money through collecting coins and making cakes.  On Wednesday our smallest children thoroughly enjoyed a trip to Hartley Farm, where they bought eggs, flour and butter to make some yummy cakes and then helped sell them to their parents.  We have enjoyed putting lots of coins on our coin spiral and some have strayed into our farm shop role play area (to be found soon !).  A big thanks to you all for all your money donations and we hope to have a total to share with you towards the end of next week

Autumn fun

This week we have enjoyed the Autumn weather, playing outside and visiting the park to practise our climbing and balancing. The children have enjoyed collecting leaves and making collages with leaves, twigs and pieces of wood. Mixing their own Autumn colours and printing leaves was great fun. The 'Gruffalo' story is a great favourite, the children were able to tell the story using soft toy characters from the story sack. We have also enjoyed a woodland maths activity matching numerals to quantities, sorting and matching. On Friday the children went for a walk in the school field collecting leaves to make an Autumn crown.


harvestThis week saw the start of our new French lessons at Acorns !  Mandie thought we were very clever as we sung a song about being friends at Acorns, and then we started to learn the French names for the different colours. We will be having a French lesson once a week on a Tuesday.  A very big thank you to everyone who has contributed to our Harvest box. This is now overflowing and we are overwhelmed with what our parents have sent in with their children. It's not too late to contribute, the box will be taken to The Hub at half term. 


sunflowerThe children were excited to see the sunflowers showing their flowers this week. We cannot believe how tall they had grown over the summer and have had fun learning some big, enormous, gigantic, colossal words! We have developed our interest in building and have added pipes, gutters and bricks to the sandpit.Some of us made some ssssssnake puppets and some decorated hands with numbered fingers to sing number songs. It's lovely to see our new friends settling in so well and we have continued to learn about ourselves and each other and have made a lovely display of self portraits.

WEEK 3 2017

Week 3 at Acorns has been another week of settling into our routines, exploring new resources, and getting to know new friends.

Our focus for this term is "All About Me" and this week we have been looking in our new mirrors at our skin colour, eye and hair colour. We have lovely new skin tone paints that some of us have experimented with to paint self portraits. We will carry this on next week.

The sun has been shining a lot this week so we have made the most of it by doing our physical activity in the park and exploring what we can play in our own lovely garden.  Rising fives are getting used to going over to the school for our Active Trowbridge activity. We are getting good at putting on our own socks and shoes and might like to keep practising at home too!

Term 1 Week 1 2017

Settling in at Acorns has encouraged the children to explore the resources indoors and outdoors with many happy faces running up the ramp each morning ready for their session regardless of the weather.   The children have enjoyed the runner bean wigwam.   A few runner beans are left that can still be picked, encouraging lots of counting and searching for more.  A 3D water sculpture has enabled pouring and catching the water with funnels and bottles.  Water has been added to sand for mixing and transporting.  The herbs are still providing us with sensory pleasures for our mini perfume pots.  Some children went on a ‘listening walk’ around the school grounds.  A visit to the school ‘reflective garden’ has enabled us to walk, hop, jump and follow my leader.  Active Trowbridge for the rising 5s has begun again with a visit to the school hall for a variety of games enjoyed by all.

Healthy snacks

The sun has returned just in time for us to watch some of the school Sports Day. We used lots of energy everyday to practise for Acorns Sports day and hope you can all come to cheer us on next week! We talked about how people with disabilities take part in sport and we walked with partners to lead us blindfolded, it was really hard. We have continued learning about shapes and some of us enjoyed playing 'Follow the Path' with taped shapes, cars and small world people. We walked to the shop at the beginning of the week to buy some food for make sandwiches for snack. We made a shopping list and looked at all the different isles and shelves to see how the food is sorted and made some choices about healthy filings. We also learnt how to use our new little metal knives safely to chop and spread our filings and cut the bread. Yummy and healthy! 

Week 4

It seems funny that as the weather has turned colder we have introduced our ice-cream parlour at Acorns ! But the children have had great fun in our role play area serving their favourite flavour of ice-cream to their friends, and making ice cold smoothies with the fruit.  We have made ice-cream shaped biscuits and then decorated these with coloured icing for our favourite flavours.  For PE we have been having running races on the school field, practising for our sports day in a few weeks time.


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